Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I wrote this as participation in the Red Dress Club. I'm also submitting to Free Fringes'  lovelinks because this one really felt good to me.... and because I love lovelinks (found some fun blogs there!).

We'd like you to write about what your character wants most.

Which reminds me of the scene in
Good Will Hunting when Robin Williams' character asks Matt Damon's character, Will, what he wants. And Will can't answer. Because he doesn't really know.

Do you know what you want most? Does your character? Write a piece of 600 words or less and come back to link up here Friday.
This prompt was inspired by a prompt from Writing Forward.

There is a golden moment at day's end. That fleeting time between the end of day and the beginning of night, when the sun is down, the sky is still light and the trees are black silhouettes against the comfortable blue of the sky...that is the marrow.

There is a peaceful calm just before I drift off to sleep. The day's worries leave me for a time, my hope rises that tomorrow will be an easy and productive day, my body relaxes into my cozy bed and the sound of my sweet husband's even breathing lulls me deeper into rest. That is the marrow.

When the holiday meal is over and everyone sits companionably around the table, stuffed and happy, when the cooking is successfully over and the evening sets in, we tell the family stories. We laugh and remember; we contemplate the distance between those treasured moments and the pleasant now. Everyone feels warm, supported and loved. That is the marrow.

After nine months of joyful anticipation, edged with anxiety for the momentous task ahead, after hours in the delivery room, I held a new baby boy in my arms. I did that twice, four years apart. They were beautiful, wet and squalling, and my wonderful new role wrapped around me like a warm blanket. That, too, was the marrow.

It's the tasty, chewy center to life's crunchy, difficult outer parts. It is the rich, life-giving, replenishing nucleus of a life dappled by the shadows of everyday challenges. I strive for it always.

Where ever I am and whatever I am doing, I look for those juicy moments of peace. Sometimes they flit near me, but stay out of reach, chased away by the trials of the day. Other times, they hang around patiently  and I have a long stretch of simple joy.

I chase those moments of marrow like my OCD dog chases her ball. I work for it each  day. I cultivate it and try to create opportunities for it to show up. I wait to see it coming, my ears perky and my eyes blazing. My heart speeds up and my anticipation rises and BAM! The moment is there. The only thing to do is to stop where I am and gaze with relief and pleasure on the brief interlude when all the world falls into place for a few glimmering seconds.

It is the marrow.


Always, feel free to comment! Trish in AZ


  1. This is great. You have a great, descriptive voice and it is SO worth wanting the marrow!

  2. I really loved this! Wonderfully descriptive and flowing; the idea of marrow as the center of structure. Awesome!

  3. This was just wonderful. Beyond the beautiful message, the rhythm, the cadence was lulling, like a quiet song.

  4. what an absolutely wonderful attitude! your story made me smile!

    I loved the cadence and the way separate situations all have a common theme.

  5. "It's the chewy center to life's crunchy, difficult outer parts." Great sentence. I want to strive to live a full life, too. Nice inspiration here :)

  6. So well done. I love this concept! The repetition really makes it ring.

  7. Hi, found your blog at the Red Dress Club's writing prompt.

    Wow, your writing makes me want to just quit writing and close up my blog, because it's so damn good!!!

    I'm no writer, but I found your writing so smooth, so descriptive, yet concise and to the point.

    Glad I found your blog, and really looking forward to reading more.

  8. Beautifully descriptive!

  9. I enjoyed reading this. It's very calm. I'm feeling the peace it's sending out. It does feel good to me too.

  10. very creative way of looking at life.

    visiting from lovelinks

  11. I love this. And? I know exactly what you mean, especially the first paragraph. That magical time before twilight.

    The marrow analogy is perfect, just perfect. Stopping by from lovelinks (I love TRDC too!).

  12. Wonderful description. I just had one of these moments and I know the feeling you described so well!