Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Today's prompt:

A tiny poem by Robert Frost to inspire you this week:
The Secret Sits
We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.
The Secret Sits, writing prompt, creative writing prompt
Image courtesy of stevendepolo via Flickr/CC2.0
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Kaylie pretended to sleep but she could barely breathe. She felt like her heart had sunk to the bottom of her belly and was made of lead.

Mark said he was going to the Tilted Kilt to watch the game with the guys from work. When he came home, much later than expected, he mumbled something about the place being crowded, extra innings, and went to take a shower. 

Kaylie told him about her day while he dried off, brushed his teeth and slipped into bed. She could tell he wasn't really listening. Then he kissed her goodnight with the same attention he paid to absentmindedly turning on the alarm clock. 

Why was he so late for a ball game? Why a shower the second he got home? It's like he doesn't want to see me. Why? He didn't even notice my new haircut. What was he thinking about instead? WHO was he thinking about instead. Is it me? I am getting older. And I have put on a few pounds in the last year. Maybe he isn't attracted to me anymore. Maybe he met someone else. Oh, my god, what will I do if he leaves me? I still love him! I'm still attracted to him, even if he has put on a little. With her mind racing and the tears filling her eyes, Kaylie glanced over at Mark. He was staring at the ceiling, frowning. At last, he sighed and turned toward her.

"I need to tell you something. You're going to find out about it anyway, so I might as well come clean." Mark said.

Kaylie held her breath and listened, blood pounding in her ears.

"Jillian went with us to the bar. She's the new accounts manager. Well, you would probably like her." Mark waffled.

Kaylie remembered seeing Jillian the week before when she picked Mark up for a lunch date. Jillian was tall and curvy, with thick, wavy hair and bright red lipstick. God, she's my exact opposite! Jillian thought.

Mark took a deep breath and continued. "I know you wanted to start shopping for a house this summer and.... well.... we were supposed to working together on saving for a down payment."

Kaylie could see her happy dreams shattering into shards of pain and disappointment.

In a rush, Mark finally revealed his dirty little secret. "The Mets lost their spot in the playoffs in the 11th inning, and I bet Jillian $100 that they'd be going to the series."

Kaylie's breath returned to her and her heart resumed its place in her chest.

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