Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Those Days

This week we asked you to write a memoir piece beginning with the words, “I miss my childhood”.
We also asked you to keep it to 500 words. Just a reminder word count limits are there for a reason: to help you self-edit, and also to help our community members read more than a post or two.

I miss my childhood innocence.
Before I knew that people died,
That people lied.
Before I knew there was poverty, pain, illness.

I miss my childhood naivete.
School was the biggest worry in my life.
My only strife
Was chores to do before I played.

I miss my carefree childhood.
No responsibilites except to be a child.
Never wild.
And only striving to be good.

Always, feel free to comment! Trish in AZ


  1. I'm such a fan (although I find it hard to do myself) of when people are able to make such a big impact with such a small amount of words. I loved the first paragraph. Honest and real.

  2. I think my biggest strife still remains having to do chores before I play! :P

    That's one little bit I have a very hard time letting go of!

  3. Yep. That innocence. It's so very long gone.

  4. The innocence of childhood is what I think about the most!

  5. You so captured innocence, and innocence lost in so few words. Hat tip.

  6. Wouldn't it be great to be oblivious again? Thanks for this piece.